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Between different channeling session times:

15 min for  $50  = 36 pound = 42 EURO

30 min for $100 = 72 pound = 84 EURO

Due to a load of inquiries, it is currently only possible to order 15 minutes

2. Send your request: 

For channeling session via  WhatsApp

My phone number is: 972-52-7211601


And I will get back to you for setting a day and time for session via WhatsApp Call     

*Please- DO NOT PAY  in advance before setting up a session.

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After setting a day and time please pay via Paypal

15 min for $50       

Or send PayPal Payment using my email: 

4. Prepare the following details: 

A.  Send via WhatsApp the confirmation of your Payment

B. Prepare detailed questions + details of each person you are asking about:

    first name, mother's name,  date of birth without year.   

    Please prepare detailed questions .. you may ask about any topics such as: 

    work, love, health and etc. 

C. I will contact you on scheduled time -- via WhatsApp Call.


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