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About me

Gali Lucy, Medium, Author, Singer, Composer, and Architecture Engineer, who channels with The Creation Entities since the age of six, using only her brain without additional tools.

She is highly respected around the world for her astonishing accuracy in predicting the future, both on a personal and global level, using X-ray remote vision ability. She consults on a wide variety of topics around the world. All of her books were dictated to her through channeling.

Author of the books:

1. Divine Creation.

The meaning of life, who is God / The Creation, The Creators, The Created. Who created humanity on Earth? What is the purpose of humanity?

2. The Aquarius Age.

We are gradually departing from the Pisces Age, rich in education, inventions, and technologies based on water, an Age of men, religions, and material spirituality. And entering the Aquarius Age, rich in advanced technologies based on air/gas pressure, aviation, and speed, an Age of women and united communities with world peace, spirituality, and encounters with our Creators, the aliens.

3. The Future: Based on the Ages theory.

Astrological and numerological research regarding the Zodiac. She moved in time 4,000 years backward and 25,000 years forward, and discovered there is a mathematical pattern.

4. Messages from the Mystical Cards.

The book contains 52 messages in the cards, which were received by the author with the help of channeling from The Creation Entities, in order to give hope and help.

5. Lenormand Tarot Deck Meaning: A guidebook channeled through Anne-Marie Adelaide's spirit.

Madame Lenormand was a psychic for over 40 years and gained much publicity and recognition in Europe for the advice she gave to Napoleon and his wife Josephine, the leaders of the French Revolution, and the French aristocrats. Upon her retirement from work, she returned to her hometown, even wealthier than the king of France. After her death, she didn't leave behind detailed information on how to read her cards.

Hence, in 2014 Gali Lucy decided to contact her and received simple instructions regarding how to read them. She wrote this guidebook for half a year thanks to Madame Lenormand's permission to channel with her.

Gali Lucy also sings frequency songs on her Gali Lucy YouTube Channel, while The Creation’s Entities are channeling through her.


We are currently experiencing global chaos that will clean up the world by the year 2030. The signs of the coming Aquarius Age, which will officially start in the year 2106, are healing, revealing the truth with quick justice, rapid death penalty, minimalization, inflation, and spirituality. The world is being cleaned of corruption, corrupt economies, human evil, child kidnapping, pedophilia, drugs, weapons, and human trafficking.

In 2025, the year of light will enter, and peace in the Middle East will be announced.
In 2027 and onwards, there will be public encounters between humans and different life forms /aliens.
Through 2106, governments and intelligence agencies will collapse, borders will be removed, citizens of the world will unite and establish communities, religions will be replaced with free faith, and the power will come back to the citizens, who will create their own community institutions.










Listen to my healing songs from The Creation Entities  

My turn to change the world- 2023

Singing: Gali Lucy / Melody: Popular (Had Gadia)

lyrics and renewed melody: Creation's Entities

Musical Production: Ofer Hamerman 


And I gave you freedom, to do good, look what happened, what happened.
And I allowed you to move freely, look what happened, what happened.

and you controlled freedom and prevented movement, which I won't stop, I won't stop.
And you lied -you engineered consciousness, you created wars, division and hatred.

And I examined the people, now it's my turn to change the world.

And you vaccinated and poisoned what was created, you destroyed health for livelihood purposes.
And you disrupted nature, food and sexuality, that I created from the beginning.

And you turned work into slavery and servitude, you created religions for intimidation and control.
And you harmed and traded in animals and human Bing, because you were looking for superiors, honor and status.


And I examined the people, now it's my turn to change the world

Put a smile on your face, believe in God cos it's going to be AMAZING... Gali Lucy

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