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About me

Gali Lucy,

Psychic - medium, Author, Singer, Composer, and Architecture Engineer, who channels with The Creation's Entities since the age of six, using only her brain without additional tools.

As she wrote in her books - she came from the middle of the Age of Aquarius, year 3126. 


She is highly respected around the world for her astonishing accuracy in predicting the future, both on a personal and global level, using X-ray remote vision ability.

She consults on a wide variety of topics around the world. All of her books were dictated to her through channeling. 


The war of light in the dark 

Many came back in time from the future along with angels in a human body while scattered in all the countries worldwide. In order to save humanity from thousands of years of Satan's control, clean up the world and build the infrastructure for the Age of Aquarius. 

At the beginning of each book, she mentions events from her life. A special event happened to her in 2014, in the process of writing her first book Divine Creation:

She experienced an encounter with the devil, who paralyzed her to the bed and leaned over her,

and then she threw him away from her with a huge ball of firelight, that rose up from her stomach to her arm, and he vanished, he disappeared within a second.

Therefore, in the year 2014 = the world began its separation from Satan's world.

From 2014 until the end of 2024, the power centers of the Deep State, including their slaves, will be eliminated.

Summary 2024 Prediction:

From 2020 up to 2023. God held back his game and stopped the world for 3 years, it was From March 2020 until May 2023 – when the 'plandemic' occurred - to stop and take out of the game- those people who failed the test, by worshiping Satan and destroying God's creations.

God stopped the world for 3 years because the time has come to change an age, according to the game, moving from Pisces to Aquarius. To Clean up the world from human destruction, save the children, reveal the truth about governments, and bring back the power to the citizens by awaking them through chaos, because every new beginning requires chaos.


As I explained in my book 'The Future', there is a cycle of 52 years, that repeats itself and is divided into 25 years of chaos and then 27 years of new creation. On December 2023 we are ending 25 years of chaos and in 2024 we will begin the 27 years of new creation, that will start with distractions of the old corrupted world. Since 2018, Israel has belonged to the US and is under the control of the US Army and white hats under President Trump and the galactic coalition - who are saving humanity, they are hunting, arresting, exposing, and eliminating the reptilians and about 500K-800K members of the Cabal-Deep State inside the Army, parliament in Israel (which are millions in the world).


  • The Israeli hostages will return gradually in exchange for Arab security prisoners.

  • Some of the Gaza citizens will move to Egypt and some to the Palestinian Authority, which will build a state with a port in Israel.

  • In March 2024 in Israel and other countries - there will be a short lockdown, based on medical OR security OR EBS, in order to catch the enemies within / Deep State Cabal.

  • This is a biblical correction, from the time of Abraham and Sarah, finally now, Hagar and Ishmael will receive recognition and state.

  • In the second half of 2024, Trump will be back (May Or Oct) after the arrest of Biden the actor.

  • There will be huge public pressure from both sides in Israel - to sign a peace agreement by Trump, that will lead to peace in the Middle East, which will be announced in 2025, the year of the light, while peace in the Middle East is already sign in 2018 by President Trump. as I predicted in my book 'Divine Creation' in 2014.

  • Remember, that once there is peace in Israel, then world peace will gradually spread. What Israel is going through, every country in the world will go through from 2025 ongoing. First a cleanup from the Cabal-Deep State, then a situation of war, and at the end, a peace agreement will be signed. world peace will be achieved between 3-5 years.

  • In the second half of 2024, the truth will be revealed worldwide on TV, including the medical scam that killed millions and the public's outrage will rise and gradually abolish all government by creating new communities and social systems.

  • An Islamic war will rise worldwide, first against the Hebrew People and gradually against everything different from theirs, and it will take 3-5 years, to destroy all religions, then citizens will unite and protect each other. The deep state paid corrupt leaders in Africa, to create wars, so that refugees would flee to Europe and other countries, to destroy their countries from within.

  • A huge amount of people will die, to unite and raise the public worldwide, which will abolish religions, governments, and borders, while humanity will meet the aliens from 2028 - The songs from today will be spiritual, thank The Creation and every person is a singer.

  • From 2024 the wealth and health will be taken from those who had and will be given to those who struggled and suffered. A global correction has begun, the truth is revealed and justice will be done after thousands of years of slavery, domination, and suffering.

  • My dear ones Welcome to the Age of Aquarius :) Gali Lucy