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Recently I used the wonderful abilities of Gali Lucy for a process that was imposed on me. Gali has the ability to connect to higher knowledge, to see the big picture beyond what ordinary humans can see.

The information gave me hope and faith to create the reality I want to be and plan the steps wisely to lead to the result I am interested in.

I strongly recommend consulting with her on any subject in which there are doubts and things hidden from view.

Gali conveys the information pleasantly, when Gali talks to a client she is focused on the conversation and always tries to convey everything in an accessible, understandable way and with a lot of patience. I am lucky to have been exposed to her



Hello Gali, I have been listening to you for 3 years from Haifa. Thank you for giving light and giving hope to life


Gali, my love, I will gladly testify that I followed all kinds of information distributors, but in the end I came home in your group, because I felt embraced, cradled and protected, therefore I can tell you that as a person in my inner feelings and intuition, you are a true light that came to give hope, reinforcements, faith With love and kindness and also optimism. You are a special person, an enlightened soul who came at the right time and in the right place to give us wholeheartedly and without return. With humor and lightness to lift our spirits in difficult times. You strengthen my self-confidence, to be who I am and to believe in my intuition.


Gali Lucy is a one-of-a-kind guide. she is a psychic. There are many psychics on our planet, but she conveys messages from higher dimensions that turn out to be true and accurate (her books from 2014 turn out to be real) and she is much more than that: she guides people in the transition between the old age and the new age. Her innate spiritual abilities that have developed over the years allow her to be an especially good teacher in this circle of confusion. She showed us the light during the Corona period and gave encouragement to those who thought the end of the world was near. Baa launched us into the healing of the future - and introduced us to the Ecuadorian healing extraterrestrials whose goal is to heal us without drugs or doctors. I myself experienced and recommended because I was freed from medication and made new friends. Before I knew Gali Lucy, I didn't know that actually listening to her voice in her recordings and singing heals the body and raises its frequency


Gali Lucy, I'm trying to think how I would get through this period without you and I can't imagine. You give me the legitimacy to continue to believe in my intuition even if at that moment it has no logical explanation. You let me understand where, how, and why I go through everything I go through, on the personal level of payment, waiver, acceptance, and in general understanding that everything is really for the best. Gali, the strength that comes from you really saves in moments when it seems that everything is collapsing. Thank the universe for sending you to me.


Gali Lucy is ahead of her time, a high soul, linked to the Ecuadorian extraterrestrials. I have been listening to her for some time now, most of her things are very advanced, on the border of utopia, she has written fascinating books and meanwhile her predictions are excellent! Even if she says things that seem unacceptable, I have already seen that she was right. I really love her beautiful and brave soul and everything is seasoned with humor. On her website she also sings, on YouTube and has predictions for the whole world in English as well. To ease the hard news and hard information, she always puts wonderful short videos of nature, animals, creative people in her Telegram. Gali Lucy came up with the slogan: Face it, believe in God because it's going to be amazing.


Raz, your sharing is extremely important and I agree with what you wrote. I have known Atz Gali Lucy since 2016. She is an amazing, special, enlightened woman who gives hope to the masses in order to awaken and help. People who don't know her and this is not the first time that she is defamed, I was also told a year ago that she is a Nazarite of people and all kinds of other nonsense from dark people. So, gentlemen, we are at a time when everything is confused and those who do not know her highly recommend Gali Lucy, an amazing woman with a whole heart.

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Medium Gali Lucy 

Reliable, determined, persistent, honest, sticking to the goal of doing good to the individual and to humanity in general.

Tells the truth, is serious, funny, and does things from the heart.

Speaks at eye level, likes to help, has insight into the hidden, accompanied by entities that accompany and guide her regularly



Hello Gali, my name is Noam. I would like to thank you for the recordings that contain a lot of knowledge, guidance, love, patience, hope and calmness. I thank creation for being sent here and strengthen your hands

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To Gali Lucy, the beloved and dearest you are. 4 years ago I started following you out of great curiosity and as a psychic medium full of wonder. All your predictions are absolutely correct including dates and events which is just amazing. There are no such things, everything is accurate, you see and feel people from afar and know what exists. Blessed by the hand of God, the great light. My husband and I await your predictions with admiration. Thank you for all the good you bring to the world and for who you are. I am happy that there is such a great light in the world named Gali Lucy


Thanks to Gali Lucy, both as a medium and as a person she helps people. In all the recordings I listened to, I discovered that at the end what she said came true

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Dear and beloved Gali, no one has any idea why people are asking for recommendations, they only have to listen to one of your recordings and they will understand everything. I have been researching for many years and searching for the truth, so I have listened to many spiritual information distributors and you are superior to all of them. There is no one else who takes life like you and knows how to explain it in simple and understandable words. You put a lot of order in my mind. I am also writing a philosophical book and mentioning you in it, thank you in the book for all the insights and all the energy you invested in us to keep us at a high frequency, bless you. Successfully

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Thanks to creation for sending me the amazing, special, and most accurate Gali, thanks to you Gali I am the calmest there is. I won

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Dear Gali Lucy, I connected with you when in the darkest period I had no hope left, what is going to happen, where is the world going and how do we continue?  And only out of intuition and gut feeling, I understood that you bring correct things, good things through recordings and predictions


Gali Lucy, you helped us to be out of the chaos that is happening here and especially in the last three and a half years from 2020. In which we learned on the channel full of endless knowledge about everyone who works behind the screens. You helped us to know who the enemy is and how for the first time to realize that we are not the bad guys in the picture, as they try to make us hollow from every possible direction, that really everything was deliberately against us citizens and with your soft and comforting voice you helped us walk towards the light and stop being afraid. You are a person of endless giving. You received a gift and shared it with us. Love you

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Gali Lucy is a person who is awake and above, she is of a high frequency and very serious. Q17 claims to be sending light and changing consciousness towards the new world. The cabal set up Telegram groups against her to fabricate rumors as if they were true. This is their typical mind engineering method, to create division and conflict among us, we win and they know it. Don't fall into their traps. Leave a high frequency of decency, paragon, love. together we will win. Raz


Raz, your sharing is extremely important and I agree with what you wrote. I have known Atz Gali Lucy since 2016. She is an amazing, special, enlightened woman who gives hope to the masses in order to awaken and help. People who don't know her and this is not the first time that she is defamed, I was also told a year ago that she is a Nazarite of people and all kinds of other nonsense from dark people. So, gentlemen, we are at a time when everything is confused and those who do not know her highly recommend Gali Lucy, an amazing woman with a whole heart.

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For years I have been looking for a medium who stands by her words, is precise in her diagnoses gracefully, and attentively, and from a few details draws a history map and advises based on the messages she receives on what is worthwhile, out of respect for the right of choice that is before the questioner. I sent many of my friends to consult her, which I had not done before. Thank you Gali, there is no one like you. Dorit


Dear Gali Lucy, I trust your words more than the words of others. Thanks to you I didn't take the corona vaccines (I realized while watching and listening to your words that I was probably damaged according to about seven years of the flu vaccines I took). You make me very strong. I really like listening to you including your laughs and songs and reading the things you write. Thanks.


Hi Gali Lucy, for several years I suffered from suicidal clinical depression, as a result of which I lost my job. After psychiatric treatment I tried to return to work but without success. After consulting with you as a medium - in which you specifically told me in which field I would find a job - I came across a job offer and was accepted thanks to a friend. I have been working for six months and my condition is slowly improving. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart

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Hi, my name is Sima, I've been following Gali for about two and a half years. Gali is a light for me in such a confusing time. She has the ability to accurately analyze a given situation, warn and encourage, give hope and wake you up. So far, dear Gali has been accurate in her predictions including the times of the events. I believe that if I had known Gali before the corona virus, I would have avoided receiving the 2 corona vaccines. Thank God that I recognized her and did not continue to receive more vaccinations. Gali for me is an angel who, thanks to her predictions, gives me and many others hope in difficult times. She does it in her own special way. It's time to thank her personally, thank you for the encouragement, the predictions, and also for teaching me to read between the lines. Besides being a psychic you are an angel. With great appreciation even though we have never met. Sima


I have been your fan since the day I entered your channels, even though I knew about the poison vaccines from the scientist Judy and 2 other French scientists, I just discovered your channel on Telegram. I love your concern for the people of Israel, I publish you so that they know exactly what is happening, I send your posts to my family so that they also know what is happening and I am glad that I got to know you from the alien channel. Bless you in all your actions

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Gali, thank you very much for opening my eyes. I have internalized your words over the years, since I discovered you on Facebook and you actually kept me safe. Thanks for the deck, you literally read my mind. Really like the layouts of these cards and your interpretations. You give me a lot of hope and I try to pass it on to everyone close to me. Every conversation between us ends with your slogan "put a smile on your face, it's going to be amazing". Thank you

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Dear Gali, thank you very much for being you, a great light for all of us in the dark times we have gone through. 3 years and more that you have been by our side both in Israel and globally, a period in which you are a source of calm, peace, love and a lot of hope.
You wrap us with a smile, a hug and help. With advice both in private and as a listening ear.
We are going through an interesting period with lots of ups and downs. You always send us messages and insights both jokingly and seriously. Important messages you receive from the beings of creation. I will also tell you about the advice you gave me about my little son, where I was worried about some health issue and you reassured me and restored my peace and calm. You receive a message from where the problem came from and what the cause is. It was amazing! Because I wouldn't have thought about this direction at all and you were there to calm me down. Thank you very much and appreciate you.


Dear Gali Lucy, you came and brought a gift that I have no words to describe how precious it is, not only the hope but also time frames. More or less. And in my opinion it really saved people from nervous breakdowns or even prevented suicides. So I say a huge thank you. Love you and your work. And kudos to you for having the courage to speak your truth without fear. dedicate the time and energy you invested for us. A huge hug, thank you for living up to your soul contract to help so many people.

Gali Lucy

גלי לוסי 

מדיום, תחזיות ויעוץ טלפוני אישי 

Psychic - Medium, predictions, and phone personal counseling 

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